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Coloring Prayer Journal

Do you enjoy coloring? Is journaling your thing? Are you longing for a deeper relationship with God? If you answered yes, this book is for you! Inspired by the Fruit of the Spirit and birthed during the trials of 2020 pandemic, this digital coloring, prayer journal was designed to enhance your quiet time with God and highlight the brighter and fragrant side of life. The goal is designed to encourage you to understand that beauty can bloom from hard, disappointing painful, and challenging experiences we face in life. You are not meant to stay stagnate, God wants to see you through your storm! Although sorrow may last for the night, joy really does come in the morning! So, if you love flowers, coloring, and seeking fun creative ways to grow in your faith, this book is for you! I pray as you fill these pages with vivacious, jubilant colors as you will grow closer to God's heart.

Enjoy 3 coloring pages, designed especially for you and your quiet time with God.


Coloring Pages