Speak to Me Lord🌸

Hi Sisters!

I seriously love spending time with God, especially in the mornings! It's the reason mornings are my favorite part of the day! Did you spend time with God tody?

Now, you may respond, "Yes, Joy, I do my devotionals. I spend time with God everyday." Sis, that is GREAT! Doing your daily devotionals is really awesome! BUT have spent time with God?

We spend time doing a lot of things; we spend time with our family and friends. We spend time talking to our boyfriend or fiance.

We spend time scrolling through social media and likeing pictures and inspirational quotes. We spend time watching disney movies, reality TV shows, Tiktok videos. We spend time reading books or studying. We spend time doing ALOT of things. I'll never forget when the Holy Spirit told me that we invest time in what we value. We spend it doing things we want/need to do (like money, we use it to by what we want or need, BUT mostly on what we want).

In others words, we chose to invest our time in what matters, intrigues us. So, have you Invested you time in seeking God?

Many find it difficult to spend/invest time with God. Life can keeps us busy or distracted. We have school to finish, babies

who keep us on our toes, careers to embellish. But what if I told you spending quality time with God can help set the course of our day! Scripture says "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

Psalm 119:105 ESV

"This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success."

Joshua 1:8 ESV

If you give God an hour of your time, it could change your life! Spending time with God means spending time in His presence. It means siting intentionally before His throne, waiting for the Holy Spirit to speak to you about a tough situation in your life. It's opening your Bible and reading, allowing God to reveal how He preserved His people in the bible, and because He loves you just as much, he can do the same thing for you. Spending quality time with God means going into a quiet space (even if that means sacrificing and waking up EARLY, like 5am EARLY) to hear from the Lord, before your house wakes up. If you're a night person, perhaps you can find time before you go to sleep & after everyone in your house is asleep, i.e children. 😅 But whatever you do, DON'T, PLEASE DON'T miss the opportunity to spend time with God, in His word, praying, listening to His sweet, still small, yet powerful voice. This step could birth spiritual gifts, who knows! And most of all, developing this habit can help you draw closer, like close close to Jesus, and closer to your purpose! He is the alpha and Omega and most of all He love you! He delights in you! You, my dear sister, you are a precious in His sight! He will show you things about yourself, your situation, how to break cycles, the list can GO ON (because our God is just that amazing 💖🙌🏾) but most of all He will give you SOOOOooooo much peace. The very peace that passes understanding! Peace that will help you through your day! And he will give understanding and He will give you direction!

So go! Go to a quiet place, take a notebook & pen, turn on some prayer soaking instrumentals, turn off all your phone notifications (in fact, leave your phone in another room!) Don't forget your Bible! Quite your thoughts & spend time with the Lord. Pray and listen attentively, because HE speaks to those who listen.🙏🏾🌸


"Speak to me Lord, speak the word of life, that I might what thus sayeth, O God. It's Your still small voice that I wait for, so speak to me Lord"💖🙏🏾


I love you, sisters!

Always praying for you! 🌸🙏🏾

Remember, Know God, Know your purpose!

Love always,

Joyness 💖

Check out this Mary Mary song! It's an oldie, but goodie 🙏🏾💖


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