Look Up: God is Bigger 🏞️

Life is hard. Before Jesus left this Earth, He said there would be hard days. Days when we struggle to get out of bed. Days we'd feel sad, disappointed, deviated, hurt, rejected, stressed, overwhelmed, sick and tired. It's easy to become overloaded with worries, yet dispite your current situation or painful memories from your past, I want to remind you that God is Bigger! He is bigger than the mountains you faced, He's bigger, stronger and all powerful!

I was walking for the store yesterday when all of those over bearing thoughts began to weigh me down my mind. But right in that moment, I looked up. I watched the sun beam down on my face, the clouds gently float in the boundless, blue sky. In that moment God confirmed that He is bigger! (It was such a beautiful moment, I had to take a picture 😻) He is bigger than any situation, any hardships, and problem! God is bigger than any unexpected problems, (financial, career, relational, church hurt, whatever!), GOD IS BIGGER!!! Best of all, His love for you is deeper and just as big!

So, when worry tries to get the best of you, remember that those thoughts don't come from God, but satan himself! So cast down those thoughts right now in the might name of JESUS! 1Corinthians 10:3-5

Things may not make sense now, but once you realize God IS BIGGER, there no situation can compare to the fullness and the great essence of who God is!

So if you feel discouraged, worries, depressed or worried, look up, and that is evidence that God is looking our for you. If you are praying for something specific and it has not happened yet, keep praying, God hears you. Jesus loves you and He is near you! And it you forget, look up!🌅🏞️

"Little children (believers, dear ones), you are of God and you belong to Him and have [already] overcome them [the agents of the antichrist]; because He who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world [of sinful mankind]." 1 John 4:4 AMP


Dear God, I know you are bigger than any circumstance in my life. So I cast my cares onto you, know that you will handle it because you love me and you gave me another chance! Thank you for you love, mercy and strength. Thank you for the constant reminder of you might love and faithfulness. Especially for the chance to witness your mighty handy work in nature! When I get overwhelmed, help my mind to rest in you knowing that you are incontrol of everything. You know the plans you have for me and you will see me through every storm! Thank you for restoration! Thank you for always being here with me! You are my all in all. Help me to never give up on you and to trust you with ALL of my heart and lean not ony own limited understanding. Thank you for being near. Thank you caring and carrying me through the hills and valleys of life.💖 In Jesus Name, Amen💖

Love you sisters!

Walk in God's Grace today! & Be a blessing!🏞️


Here's more verses to remind you that God is Bigger! https://everydayservant.com/top-21-bible-verses-is-god-bigger-than-our-problems/

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