Healing with forgiveness ✝️💖✨

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

What I love about God is that when He heals us, He immediately goes for our hearts, he purges us from the inside of all those things that weigh us down internally, things like our insecurities, pain, rejection, lies spoken out against us, disappointments. Things set out to destroy and distract our hopes and dreams. But I've come to tell and remind you that Jesus restores our Hope and heals our hearts Jesus is the Hope for all humanity in Matthew 9: 1-7. Jesus healed a paralyzed man. Instead of firstly saying 'get up and walk', He said your sins are forgiven! I don't know what kind of sin this man committed, it's not mentioned here but Jesus knew it was better to address the heart issues first before you can deal with the physical. Some of us are spiritually paralyzed because of what we've experienced in life or even because of some poor choices we've made.

Well, I've come to share and declare that it is time for you to get up and walk! It is time to know and believe your sins are forgiven! You're not bound to the unfortunate turmoil of your past! Your sins are forgiven, sister! Jesus even told the condemned woman in John 8: 1-11, after shutting the mouths of the religious leaders and those who condemned and persecute her and tried to stone her because of her sins. However, they all left her alone when Jesus corrected them, they realize they were not worthy enough to condemn her. Jesus then asked her "where are your accusers? Didn't even one of them condemn you?" She replied "no". Jesus then said "Neither do I, go and sin no more". So dear sisters, as you shake off your paralyzation of what your accusers tried to condemn you with (that includes the accuser of the brethren, Satan himself and also the accusing thoughts in your mind), know that once you repented and know you are forgiven your sins are washed from you with the blood of Jesus! even Jesus will not condemn you of your past sins. So go embrace the new and refreshed chapter of your life. Go and sin no more! Go and don't walk around in that same broken mindset. Instead go and walk with the King of Kings today and be a blessing to those around you! Go and surrender all of your thoughts, emotions, and essence of your heart to God. Go and allow the Lord to heal your heart and your life through the great and wonderful power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is truly a beautiful thing, periodt!

Remember know Jesus and know your purpose.

Love always,

Joyness 🌸

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