Heart2Heart Conference

 Sweet Memories! 

For the past 9 years, Fortress of Grace Ministries has hosted the Heart 2 Heart Mother-Daughter Conference, around mother's day. Every year has been a beautiful opportunity for healing, transformation, restoration, and celebration of healthy mother-daughter relationships. The relationship shared between a mother-daughter can shape a girl's life and perspective. This accounts for a girl's relationship with her aunt, grandmother, godmother, or any significant female role model in her life. The conference introduces attendees to innovative, communication techniques to encourage healthy relationships by implementing counseling practices and biblical principles. We've helped many mothers and daughters find the courage and confidence to engage in deeper conversation, be transparent, pursue a heartfelt connection, and elevate their relationship to a new level. 


Heart 2Heart

  10 Year Celebration!!!

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All Glory & Honor to my Lord Jesus Christ for this amazing blessing! A special thank you to all of the guest speakers, musicians, sponsors, friends, family and my dear mother! Getting to 10 years would not have been possible without you!

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"Amazing experience!! Through the experience, you helped me see things in me that I didn't know was there. Thank you for your obedience. :-)" 

-Aerielle B.

"Such  place for healing and REALNESS... love everything this ministry is about! the events are wonderful!"

-Vashti E.

"I love this ministry!! It's so necessary to help empower us as Christian Women!"

-Rachael  C.

"Thanks for being a blessing to my life!"

-Imani E.

"I appreciate today's message. I no longer have my mom (she passed), and I don't have a biological daughter. However, I  am blessed to have church daughters and a daughter-in-law; I always want our relationship to be positive and a blessing. Thank you for the wisdom shared. I look forward to the final session!"

-Brenda G.

Visit our Youtube channel to watch session 1 and 3.

Heart2Heart 2019 Conference

Heart2Heart Conference 2018