About Fortress of Grace

About Fortress of Grace

Fortress of Grace Ministries, formally known as 3GClub (Godly, Gracious, Girls) Club, is a non-profit Christian counseling program for girls & women of all ages. Fortress of Grace 

practices art therapy techniques fused with biblical principles to stimulate emotional & spiritual healing.  

Living in this dark & fallen world, everyone is bound to experience hardships, disappointment, loss, discouragement and hurt. Sometimes people hurt us, sometimes we hurt other people.  Although this world promises pain, Jesus promises healing and freedom from the mental bondage of that pain!

As your sister in Christ, I pray you will experience true healing and wholeness.

How? By joining us as we seek God and Draw Closer to His Heart using fun, creative art kits, events, devotionals, & more! Just as Jesus reminds us of our freedom, art helps liberate our soul; it enriches our creative ability to express and unveil the inner and unspoken parts of our hearts.

We believe the importance of cultivating their spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ leads us to know our purpose and fulfilling God's plan for our lives. 

We mentor girls in preparation for them becoming the next generations' strong women of  God and encouraging young women in their faith! We want to see young women boldly and confidently live their faith out loud for Christ. 

 Know Jesus, Know your purpose! Walk-in your freedom! Embrace God's Grace.


John 8: 31-36

 2 Corinthians 12:9

Meet Joy

Joy "Joyness" Best is the founder and CEO of Fortress of Grace Ministries. She was born, raised & still lives in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, PA. Joy graduated from EU with a BA in sociology and specializes in the social development of mother/daughter relationships & the cognitive process of adolescent girls. She's a certified life coach and is currently pursuing her MPH (Masters in Public Health) and certifications in art therapy and Christian counseling. She hopes to encourage young women to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus, accept the divine uniqueness of their inner beauty, know their identity in Jesus Christ and find their purpose in Him! Joy believes in the power of prayer; it activates our faith to believe with God, all things are possible! Joy loves spending time with God in prayer, Bible journaling, chilling with family & friends, doing anything creative, singing her heart out, listening to fascinating audiobooks, and secretly wishing she was a fairy princess.


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